153591701Our short-term goal is to provide your institution with research-based solutions to problems that your culture experiences on a daily basis. We’re passionate about learning and guarantee that our methods will improve the overall functioning of your academic community. Our long-term goal is to improve our nation’s world ranking in high school math, science and reading skills. This will be primarily accomplished by:

• Improving the pedagogy of teachers and administrators
• Modifying curricula
• Creating effective accountability systems

• A student drops out of school every 28 seconds.
• High school dropouts are 8 times more likely to go to prison.
• 85% of jobs require a college education, yet only 50% of college students graduate.
• Among industrialized countries around the world, the quality of high school education in the United States is ranked near the bottom.
• 70% of 8th graders read below grade level.
• 14% of new teachers leave within their first year, 33% leave within three years, and 50% leave within five years.
• 75% of high school students aren’t ready for basic college courses in math, science, reading, and English.
• 20% of undergraduates take at least one remedial course.
• The majority of public schools report moderate to severe discipline problems.

We are part of the Solution:

Climate Modifications
• School Violence
• Funding Allocation
• Organizational Restructuring
• Accountability Systems
• Program Evaluation
• E-Learning Retention
• Curriculum Development

Student Intervention
• Study Skills
• Motivation
• Goal Development
• Career Awareness
• Accountability Systems
• Health Improvement
• After School Programs
• Leadership Skills

Teacher Intervention
• Unbiased Evaluations
• Retention
• Professional Development
• Pedagogy
• Accountability Systems
• Motivation

Community Support
• School-Community Relationships
• Parenting Skills
• Accountability Systems
• Awareness and Engagement


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