“[John] is very analytical, task-oriented, independent, responsible, and self-motivated.  His ability to communicate complex ideas, both verbally and in writing, [is] excellent.  Suffice it to say, his academic skills are in the top 5% of the students with whom I have worked in the past 30 years.  John Hofmann deserves my strong recommendation.”

Professor, University of Southern California

 “Dr. Hofmann successfully dealt with some of the most challenging students on campus, and suggested new ideas through an understanding of research.  John is independent and self-motivated.  In short, Dr. Hofmann cares about his community and strives to create balance in the midst of turbulence and adversity.”

 Administrator, Los Angeles Unified School District

 “During his commitment to the international community, I worked closely with John and have experienced first-hand his exceptional qualities.  It is not only John’s dedication to helping his peers with which I am impressed, but also his ability to work well with diverse populations, both one-on-one and large group setting interactions.  He welcomes feedback, constructive criticism and contributes innovative ideas.”

Assistant Director, University of Southern California

“John demonstrates a positive attitude toward education, and an ability to adapt to different environments.  He shows commitment to his endeavors, is dependable, self-directed, and motivated.  John has mastered the rare combination of being firm yet highly empathetic to each student’s academic, social, and emotional needs.  He cares about his students.  Teaching is not just a job, it’s something he believes in every waking hour.  I have seen kids lives touched by this caring individual when no one else could reach them.”

Teacher, Youth Detention Center

  “John excels in the teaching profession and is also a great disciplinarian.”

 Sisters of the Sacred Heart

“[John] maintain[s] the integrity of a safe, secure and structured environment for students to learn in, while at the same time meeting their individual needs and learning styles.  John demonstrate[s] a sincere interest in all his students, and a strong desire to help them succeed.”

 Principal, Youth Detention Center

“During the time that I’ve known [John], [he] has been an ideal role model for the difficult students at our school.  He is honest, dependable, and deals with students fairly.”

 Teacher, Youth Detention Center