Although the United States ranks near the bottom in reading and math among industrialized countries, it ranks #1 in confidence. So, what can we do to change this unfortunate situation? We need to think different, and we need your help.

The fact that elementary school reading and math skills significantly predict future academic success needs to be taken seriously. In order to maximize your return on investment, it’s important to start preparing for your child’s future as soon as possible. With proper planning and guidance, your child will be successful. This preparation includes various strategies including preschool education, parenting styles and extracurricular choices.

140302041The average cost of a college education is approximately $32,000 per year. That’s $128,000 over four years! However, if your child is able to earn college credit through advanced placement exams and/or receive grants for individual achievement, this cost will decrease significantly. Not only will your child’s skills determine the type of university they attend and their major, but they will also influence their employment opportunities, social networks and their overall quality of life.

Think about your child’s future and be proactive. Let us help you and your child set realistic goals and maximize their potential. And when your child is ready for college, we can help. Although we can’t guarantee admission to a particular school, we’ll do our best to ensure that your child’s goals accurately reflect the institution they need to attend.


• 50% of students don’t finish college.
• 66% of math teachers didn’t complete a college math degree.
• 60% of public school science teachers didn’t major in their content area.
• 70% of community college students fail to complete their degrees.
• 62% of public school teachers don’t have degrees in core subject areas.
• 25% of students don’t complete high school.

We Are Part of the Solution:

Career Counseling:
• Career/School Selection
• College Planning and Admissions
• Goal Selection and Orientation
• Resume Building
• Job Search Strategies

Therapeutic Intervention:
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Motivational Issues
• Emotional/Behavioral Issues


Subject Area Tutoring:
• Private Tutoring in all Subject Areas
• Specific Learning Disabilities
• Time Management
• Reading and Note Taking
• Test Preparation
• Sports Therapy
• Cooking Therapy
• Play Therapy



Initial Consultation: Free
Subject Area Tutoring: $50-75/hr + materials
Therapeutic Intervention: $125/hr
Career Counseling: $125/hr + materials
Educational Consulting: $125/hr
Alternative Interventions: $50-125/hr + materials