Meet the Founder

Dr. John G. Hofmann, IV
Consulting Director at Hofmann Learning
Ed.D., University of Southern California

Concentration: Educational Psychology
Phone: 213.290.8436
LinkedIn: Dr. John G. Hofmann, IV, Ed. D.

For more than 15 years, John has gained teaching, administrative, and consulting experience in public, private, inner city, rural, international, university and prison settings. His broad knowledge about program development, organizational evaluation, academic attainment and achievement, at-risk youth, alternative intervention strategies, systematic deconstruction, philosophical inquiry and benchmarking allow him to look at issues from a holistic and well-rounded perspective.

Dr. Hofmann is a business owner, chef, inventor, scholar, passionate educator, accomplished athlete, national scholarship recipient and an avid hiker. In his spare time, John consults for organizations that are able and willing to change for the greater good. He is also the CEO of Epicurus 101, the first 100% solar-powered food truck in the United States. Epicurus 101 donates 2% of gross sales to non-profits who serve the Pasadena community.